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From the 2 to 5 March 2016 all ZAOGA FIF Ministries International secretaries were at Harare, Zimbabwe’s Rainbow Towers Hotel for their conference which is held every two years. Over 420 secretaries  from UK, Mozambique, SA, Botswana and Zimbabwe came for the remarkable event. The conference was graced by our father and mother Archbishops Professor E.H. and Dr E. Guti who took time to spend the 4th of March with us


Our father taught secretaries to have a strong mind, know your work and do it as unto the Lord. Our mother taught us grooming and etiquette. They also gave us various speakers who spoke on topics relevant to the work and personal life of secretaries. On the afternoon of 5 March all secretaries and facilitators had a trip ZEGU university in Bindura and also to Mbuya Dorcas Hospital. The conference has been rated as a very powerful and life changing event. We thank Baba and Amai for this priceless opportunity.

Let's hear what God is doing in the FIFMI world

Attendance for Monday and Tuesday prayer was good. Wednesday Bible Study was attended by 27 members while 34 members attended Friday service. Sunday morning service recorded 74 members. 7 new souls were added to God. Glory to the God of Ezekiel Guti. The Praise and Worship team was mightily used in both Sunday services so much that the Holy Spirit caused some people to enjoy holy laughter. Sunday night service was attended by 22 members. Some of the testimonies include:
  • The majority of our members testified of how life in general has improved since they started attending FIFMI. They now understand what true Christianity is all about. 
  • A number of our members testified of how they used to go around carrying Bibles without reading the Word of God. When FIFMI came and started to teach the real Word of the kingdom of God the same people are now enjoying reading their Bibles. Praise God.
  • A sister testified with a smile on her face after she got a job on Tuesday after being prayed for last Sunday after a powerful preaching from Mark 11: 22-24.
 We continue to thank God for you because of all your prayers for Jamaica.

Cayman Islands

We give honour and praises to the God of our Father Ezekiel for the great work He is doing in the lives of His people in Grand Cayman.  We are very appreciative of your prayers for us. We had 16 people in attendance for our Wednesday Bible study and 9 people for Friday night prayer meeting.  Our Sunday service had 27 in attendance, 23 adults and 4 children.  We had one first time visitor and one individual rededicate their life to the Lord Jesus Christ. The saints continue to fast and pray for the church registration every Friday.


In Boston God is doing great things.  There were 53 people in attendance, 47 adults and 5 children. It was a Talents Big day and there was so much joy. Boston continues with the exceptional performance in talents. We had 3 visitors today. We thank God Boston ladies had a 3 day prayer camp at our church venue. 13 women attended and 3 were new. All the 3 new ladies were baptized in the Holy Spirit at the prayer camp and spoke in tongues. 2 of them were in church on Sunday. We thank God that we prayed for Sunday School teachers at the prayer camp, and 2 ladies volunteered to work with the children right there. This has been one of our challenges and we thank God that we will now have children's classes and people will be comfortable bringing their children to church.
We need prayers against the spirit of sickness.  A number of our regular members missed church  today because they were not feeling well. The cold weather might also be a contributing factor.

 Dominican Republic

The Church in the Republica Dominicana is moving forward. Attendance over the weekend: Alcarrizos 14, Pedro Brand 12 and Barrio la Utata 17 adults and 6 children. This is a new place that we went to, 8 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ. A lady who was possessed with many diseases in her body came to the meeting and as she lifted her faith while being prayed for, immediately she got delivered, the demons left her and she was totally healed. This week we have classes for new believers.  In Santo Domingo people are witnessing the hand of the God of Ezekiel tremendously and are in awe of  God's grace upon they lives. Our request is that the people should be rooted in the kingdom of God. We also have started a leaders prayer meeting on Tuesday where we are teaching the word of God and leadership from Baba's books and already the meetings have proven to be fruitful.


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